Weather in France in March

Is March a good time to go to France?

Weather in March is cool and crisp, perfect for touring small towns and visiting popular destinations without the crowds. March is one of the last months of discount travel until September, so accommodation, airfare and package deals are still more affordable than in summer. This is the last month for winter sports in France so there will be some good winter holiday package deals for the end of the skiing season.

A great month for cultural enthusiasts, March is quiet, which means that small towns and restaurants will be mostly local, a great change for an experience authentic of French culture. Hikers will also enjoy the weather, as the temperatures are slowly warming up to the coming summer months, and they can leisurely explore the lush greenery surrounding western towns or the beautiful thick-forested areas around Paris.

Climate in France in March

Temperatures in March are mild. In the north, eastern and central areas temperatures range from 4°C to 12°C (40°F to 54°F) and in the southern regions between 8°C and 15°C (46°F and 59°F). March is the first sunny month since summer and the spring blooms begin to pop up. March is unpredictable though, so expect the weather to fluctuate from sunny to snowy, or from cool and clear to warm and wet.

Rainfall in March is consistent, from 40mm to 60mm (1.6in to 2.4in) in most of south, central and northern regions, and 50mm to 70mm (2in to 2.8in) or more in southwestern and northwestern France. There is still enough snow in the alpine regions for one final skiing trip before the resorts close for the summer.

What’s on in France in March

With Easter around the corner, Chocolatiers and cafés deck their windows with novel sweet and cake exhibitions, the beginning of a busy March holiday in France. There is a poetry festival in Nice where poets will air their wares in theatres, bars and cafés throughout the city –best enjoyed with a glass of the house wine. Bookworms will enjoy visiting the Paris Book Fair, which will host more than 1,000 publishers and 2,000 authors during the event, so leave plenty of space in the suitcase for good books.

The Women’s Carnival in Paris is a fun festival and everyone is encouraged to put on their best dress, even the men. There is also a world music festival in France in March, the Babel Med Music festival, which attracts thousands of visitors as well as professional musicians from around the world. Finally, March is the month of music and extreme sports in Tignes and The Brits is an epic winter sports and music festival, perfect for the ultimate adrenalin rush.


What to pack for a holiday in France in March

As with most of the months outside of summer, France in March is unpredictable and it is best to pack layers of clothing, in order to be able add or take them off as the weather permits. Pack some long sleeved shirts and warm tops, jeans and trousers, long skirts and dresses, warm coats and jerseys and a raincoat. Even though it is less cold than winter, gloves, scarves and hats are still appropriate for March. Hikers will need some extra layers, thermals and sturdy footwear, and city dwellers will be comfortable with closed toe walking shoes or trainers. Finally, certain establishments require formal wear, so pack something smart for a memorable occasion.