Weather in Seychelles in April

Is April a good time to visit Seychelles?

April is an excellent month to visit the paradise islands of the Seychelles. This is the transitional period from the north-westerly to south-easterly trade wind seasons – wet to dry. There is little or no wind, slim chance of rain showers and long hours of sunshine on the sugary white beaches and turquoise, clear sea. Bring a good book and a bikini, and pick out your sunbed!


Climate in Seychelles in April

April is one of two periods of calm (the other is during October)  between the wet and dry seasons in the exotic Seychelles islands, with warm, wind-free conditions prevailing. Water temperatures peak at around 29°C, and the air is not much cooler with an average temperature for the month of April of a maximum 30°C (minimum 25°C, which will be experienced mainly at night). With the threat of rainfall dropping markedly to an average of 183mm over the month, blue skies are the norm, and visitors can expect an average of eight hours of sunshine a day. With the wet season just a memory, humidity is also slightly lower than in previous months, averaging 74% - the lowest index for the Seychelles year.


What to do in Seychelles in April

With little wind, the water visibility for snorkelers and scuba divers is exceptional during April in the Seychelles. It’s also a good time to go fishing, and the Atlas Sey Charity Fishing tournament takes place at mid-month – a one day trolling-only tournament with cash prizes for teams.


What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in April

Fill a small bag with cool, cotton clothing and plenty of swim-wear for your holiday in Seychelles in April. Don’t forget to bring plenty of sunscreen and a good hat. Some thongs to protect your feet from the hot sands is advisable, and for snorkelers planning to explore sharp coral reefs rubber sea boots are a vital necessity.