Weather in Seychelles in March

Is March a good time to visit Seychelles?

During March in the Seychelles the rainy season is winding down, but the heat and humidity remains high, as one would expect in the tropics. Brilliant, hot sunshine can give way to clouds and heavy rain in a short space of time, but the showers clear just as quickly and the intrusion of a wet interlude can bring relief from the heat. At the end of the rainy season the vegetation is particularly lush and green, and the Seychelles islands are particularly inviting.


Climate in Seychelles in March

The trade winds which define the wet and dry seasons in Seychelles begin to turn around in March, from the wet north-westerlies to the drier south-easterlies. The transitional period, which lasts from now through April, brings calm, hot days and muggy nights, though there is still the threat of the occasional rain storm. The average rainfall for Seychelles in March is 234mm, spread across the month in short, sharp bursts. Temperatures remain constant at between 25°C to 30°C, with relative humidity at around 75%.


What to do in Seychelles in March

Apart from the usual Seychelles diversions of fun in the sun, March is carnival time in this island nation. The capital, Victoria, pulls out all the stops for its three-day International Carnaval, featuring a procession with colourful floats, as well as a host of other activities. Also in mid-March is the annual “Fete de la Francophonie”, organized by the local Ministry of Community Development, Youth, Sports and Culture, a cultural event across the island of Mahé which involves film shows, a craft bazaar and exhibitions.


What to pack for a holiday in the Seychelles in March

Bright, colourful beachwear makes a great fashion statement on the Seychelles, islands, and for evenings and carnival capers make sure to take along some cool (in both senses of the world) casual clothing. Sun protection is vital, and some rubber sandals or “booties” if you plan to explore the coral reefs.