Weather in France in August

Is August a good time to go to France?

August is the last month of summer, the days are hot, the atmosphere is lively and the sun sets late into the evening. Some of France’s biggest music, sporting and cultural festivals take place during this month, and there is always something going on in France in August. Many hikers choose to visit the Alps and trek during the beautiful, crisp days of the summer. Because it is peak season, accommodation and airfare prices are high, and there are throngs of tourists in the country. However, booking well in advance might secure some good deals and this is the perfect opportunity for a road trip to scout out an ‘off the beaten track’ experience of the French summer.

Climate in France in August

This is the hottest time of the year and temperatures in the South of France range from 19°C to 29°C (48°F to 66°F), and central, western and eastern regions range from 14°C to 25°C (57°F to 77°F). Northern areas are slightly cooler and Alpine areas will be cold, even during this time of year.

The south is dry during this season and other areas have summer showers, with an occasionally intense cloudburst in central France. In the south rainfall can be as little as under 20mm (0.8in), with significantly more in south western France, around 50mm to 60mm (2in to 2.4in). Central, western and eastern regions range from between 50mm to 60mm (2in to 2.4in) and northern areas have over 60mm (2.4in).

What’s on in France in August?

There are many festivals in August in France and there will always be something going on down at the coast in the South of France. The Bayonne Festival is one of the biggest of the summer, with dance, music and street art performances accompanying great parades and dazzling firework displays. The Seine Rock festival will blow all other music festivals out of the water at this rock-the-river experience and the Celts will be celebrating in the Basque Country at the Celtic Festival, full of lively dancing and Celtic traditions.

The Monte Carlo International Fireworks Festival and the Cannes Festival of Pyrotechnic Art are two explosive events in the South of France that attract thousands of visitors each year. The Beziers Feria is a massive festival with fireworks, food and wine, street performances and entertainment in the form of bullfighting, an age old and thriving French tradition. There are also half a dozen word class Jazz festivals, as well as food and wine festivals, and make sure to sample the local cuisine at the festivals and markets throughout the country.

What to pack for a holiday in France in August

The August heat is ideal for shorts and T-shirts, skirts and summer dresses, light pullovers or jerseys as well as some trousers for the evenings. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are necessary for the August heat and don’t forget beachwear. Pack both closed and open toe shoes, as well as sandals to allow for variable weather conditions and light walking shoes or trainers should suffice if sturdier footwear is required. Pack something smart because some restaurants and events require formal wear and finally, if travelling to the Alps it will be cold, so pack warm coats, warm layers and good shoes or boots for comfort.