Weather in France in June

Is June a good time to go to France?

Evenings are warm, the nightlife is busy, and the summer festival season has begun. The weather in France is warm and the main museums, attractions and galleries have extended their operating hours in order to make the most of the late sunsets. The countryside is beautiful at this time of year and the beaches are full.  The South of France is particularly popular in summer and June is a great month because is not yet as stiflingly hot as peak summer months can become.

Unfortunately, June is the beginning of peak season so accommodation and airfare prices are rising. However, while there are many tourists, local schools are not on holiday until July, so June is the quietest month of the summer. 

Climate in France in June

Summer in France in June is warm, average highs no lower than 20°C (68°F). Averages in the South of France range from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F), central and eastern regions range from 12°C to 23°C (54°F to 73°F), and the northern and western areas are cooler than the rest, ranging from 11°C to 21°C (52°F to 70°F).

Rainfall is low in June, below 50mm (2in) in the South, from 50mm to 60mm (2in to 2.4in) in central and western regions, and eastern areas range from 60mm (2.4in) to 70mm (2.8in). In recent years there have been heatwaves, as well as sudden and heavy cloudburst in the South of France causing flooding, so keep up to date with the weather reports to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

What’s on in France in June

Summer festivals start in June and there is something for everyone during this month. The Roland-Garros French Open Tennis Championship ends in June, so book tickets well in advance for the final matches of the tournament. A number of events throughout France commemorate D-Day, but particularly in Normandy, observing the significance of World War II to the nation and the world. There is another history-orientated festival in Provins that transports visitors back to medieval times, a family festival held in a spectacular location, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Rendezvous aux Jardins is way to see private gardens that are usually unavailable to the public and it is a good reason to tour the lesser-known parts of the country. Sport fans will enjoy the 24 Hours of Le Mans racing event, the longest racing event in the world, and it is a major event on the French sporting calendar. The Fête de la Musique happens across France and will have people rocking and rolling at museums, pubs, churches and clubs with operatic scores and soul classics filling the streets. Remember that many of the main attractions, museums and galleries extend their hours for the tourist season.

What to pack for a holiday in France in June

Pack T-shirts and shorts, beachwear, light jerseys for the evenings, skirts and summer dress as well as hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. There may be a few cooler days so always pack an extra jersey. Open toed shoes and trainers will be perfect for the summer weather and don’t forget a pair of sandals to freely enjoy the warm weather. Some restaurants and events will require formal attire so pack some smart clothing for a memorable night on the town.

There are occasional showers at this time of year so always pack a light coat or raincoat in summer, or strong, wind-resistant umbrella. Summer in France is great for short trekking excursions so pack the relevant gear with some sturdy walking shoes for the great outdoors. Make sure to have some warmer clothes for travel in the alpines such as coats, gloves and scarves for the snowy areas.