Weather in Greece in October

Is October a good time to visit Greece?

October is a great time to visit Greece if you wish to avoid the crowds of summer. Many resorts and hotels on the islands offer great holiday deals in Greece for the month of October as they try to enjoy the last of summer the summer business. Toward the end of October many accommodation options may close for renovations and some of the ferries between the Greek islands become less frequent. Visitors who want a peaceful holiday free from the crowds of summer will find October the perfect month for a holiday in Greece.


Climate in Greece in October

The climate in Greece in October is significantly cooler than the peak summer months of June, July and August. Hours of sunshine dip to between six and seven per day depending upon whether you are on one of the islands or travelling mainland Greece. Sea temperatures remain relatively warm, particularly along the southern areas of the country. The average sea temperature in Greece in October is between 21 and 23°C (70 to 74°F). Greece experiences winter rainfall and in October the average rainfall pick up to a monthly average of 51mm (2 inches), which generally amounts to eight days of rain throughout the month. The autumn weather in Greece means that the average temperature ranges from 15 to 24°C (59 to 75°F), but mountainous areas and northern Greece are much cooler.


What’s on in Greece in October

October 28 is Ohi Day in Greece. This day commemorated the Greek’s refusal of the Italian occupation of Greece in World War Two. The day is marked with parades, local events and widespread celebrations. Many shops and all governmental offices are closed on this day. The Athens Marathon has traditionally been held in late October every year, but recently the date has been shifted and it will now sometimes be held in early November, so it is best to check the official website for the date and other details:


What to pack for a holiday in Greece in October

As the weather in Greece begins to cool down and autumn approaches, warmer clothes need to be packed for a holiday in this Mediterranean country. Although October is autumn in Greece, there are still quite a few warm days, the best way to plan for a holiday in Greece in October is to pack clothes that can be worn in layers and stripped off as the day heats up. Swimwear and beach clothes are still necessary during October in Greece, but holidaymakers should also take warmer pants or slacks for the evenings. A cardigan is also necessary during the October evenings in Greece.