Weather in Jordan in April

Average temperature in Jordan in April: 17°C, 62.6°F
Sea temperature in Jordan (Aqaba) in April: 21°C, 69.8°F
Average rainfall in Jordan in April: 13mm, 0.5in
Note: April is recognized as the best month of the year to visit Jordan, when temperatures are comfortable, rain virtually non-existent, and wild flowers carpet the desert, hills and valleys. It is an excellent time to make excursions into the desert, and the nature reserves such as Dana, Wadi Mujib and Ailjun open for the season. There is the threat of the hot, dusty Khamsini winds, but this phenomenon is short-lived and rarely disrupts holidays activities.
Events: Jordan hosts a challenging section of the World Rally Championships in April each year, with a route around the Jordan Valley and Dead Sea area. Amman meanwhile hosts one of the most grueling races in the world when runners take on the Dead Sea Ultra-marathon.