Weather in Portugal in October

Is October a good time to go to Portugal?

October is great for slow travel because it is warm and relatively light, as well as both quiet and affordable. Many people opt for a longer and more leisurely journey across Portugal and hire a small car to spend a few days flitting between small towns, moving onto the major cities when the month becomes cooler and wetter, as the larger cities offer more by way of indoor activities. There are also many harvest festivals and markets at this time of year as well, so it’s a great time to be a 'foodie' in Portugal. 


Climate in Portugal in October

It’s a warm month, temperatures often in the low 20s (72°F), sometimes with highs of 25°C (77°F) and warm, 21°C (70°F) waters at the coast. October becomes increasingly wet as the month progresses, but with seven hours of daily sunshine, it is still pleasantly light, warm and easy to enjoy, wet or not.


What’s on in Portugal in October

October is a great month for the arts, with the Cerveira International Arts Biennial, the Encontros da Imagem photography festival in Braga and the International Puppet Festival of Oporto taking place over the course of the month. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy attending the Rock‘ n’ Roll Lisbon Marathon and the Portugal Masters golf tournament and, after all the activity, visitors can refuel at the Gastronomy Festival in Santarém, with great food and entertainment available at dozens of stalls and exhibitions. 


What to pack for a holiday in Portugal in October

Although scorching summer days are now past, lightweight clothing is still recommended. October is wet, so synthetic materials and dark colours are best because cotton and wool take longer to dry and lightweight clothing shows dirt easily. So, pack some T-shirts, long sleeved shirts, light synthetic trousers and jeans (for a restaurant or special outing), with a warm jersey or two as well as a waterproof coat or warm raincoat and umbrella.


The cobbled streets become slippery and dangerous in heavy rain, so sturdy flat-heeled walking shoes or trainers are necessary and scarves, warm hats and gloves make cold days more comfortable. In addition, take a thermal or two and a pair of leggings for elevated areas and hikers should take care to have the right gear because October can be muddy and difficult to navigate.