Weather in Scotland in August

Is August a good time to visit Scotland?

Glasgow has to bow to Edinburgh in August in Scotland, when the fabulous Edinburgh Festival of the Arts gets into top gear along with the Fringe Festival. The city buzzes and the sun shines with a huge smiley face on the capital, as hundreds of thousands of tourists and participants flood in, intent on soaking up culture along with the peak season summer weather. This is Scotland, though, and rain showers wait in the wings, never dampening the spirits of the festival-goers and seldom dimming the bright lights of the city. The purple heather cloaks the hillsides in the countryside, and the sunsets are phenomenal.


Climate in Scotland in August

In August in Scotland temperatures reach their peak, heading as high as 25°C, with long, (hopefully) sunny days. The threat of rain lingers, however, and a bright sunny morning can turn into a rain shower at the drop of a hat, and vice-versa. White cloud cover is inevitable on most days in Scotland, and the rare sunny interlude lifts the spirits.


What’s on in Scotland in August

The whole world comes to Edinburgh in August for the renowned international Arts Festival. Particularly popular are the wild and wacky “Fringe” events, which have performances and exhibitions spilling onto the pavements all over the city, and festival-goers reveling in every aspect. During the festival – which covers virtually the whole month – comes the Edinburgh Military Tattoo: a breathtaking display of military marches and music at Edinburgh Castle, regarded as one of the world’s greatest entertainment spectacles.


What to pack for a holiday in Scotland in August

Start from the feet up, and ensure you have comfortable footwear for tramping the pavements, or mountain trails, when you head for Scotland in August. Cool, comfortable summer clothing – including cotton tops, shorts and skirts – will see you through, with perhaps the addition of a cardigan to ward off the evening chill. Some form of waterproofing and/or an umbrella will be a boon – you won’t escape a visit to Scotland without a rain shower or two.