Weather in Tunisia in July

Is July a good time to visit Tunisia?

Being just a couple of hours flying time from Europe’s major cities, the Mediterranean resorts of Tunisia are becoming more and more popular for packaged summer holidays, and the peak season – along with peak temperatures – kicks off in July. The long sandy beaches, exotic architecture, fascinating sights and enticing bazaars are as appealing as the hot, dry, sunny weather, which makes Tunisia a highly desirable holiday destination in July. Be warned, this is definitely not the time of year to visit the southern desert region of Tunisia, where the searing heat is unbearable for all but the most intrepid travellers.

Climate in Tunisia in July

The golden sands of Tunisia’s Mediterranean beaches bask under blue skies in July, temperatures soaring well above 30°C (86°F) every day, with fine weather guaranteed. The sea temperature hovers around a refreshing 24°C (75.2F): perfect for bathing and water-sports of all sorts, and with an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day during July, there is ample time to enjoy it all. July is the driest month in the north of Tunisia, which has a winter rainfall climate, and there is not likely to be even the merest drop of rain to dampen holiday spirits. Nights are balmy and warm during July, the temperature cooler than during the day but unlikely to drop below 20°C (68°F).  

What to do in Tunisia in July            

Few visitors find it necessary to move beyond their resort hotel in Tunisia in July. The all-inclusive luxury hotels on the coast offer entertainment, activities and amenities for a great holiday. There are numerous interesting sight-seeing excursions on offer, though, and the local souks (bazaars) are a delight for shop-a-holics out for exotic bargains. When it comes to events, July has plenty on offer, highlights being concerts and plays at the Roman amphitheatre of Carthage, cultural performances at the Dougga Roman Amphitheatre, and similar events throughout the summer season at the Hammamet International Festival.  

What to pack for a holiday in Tunisia in July  

Tunisia in July demands the coolest of clothing – beachwear, sarongs, flip-flops and a shady sunhat are the main requirements for your holiday, with some cool, cotton, casual clothing for evenings. Don’t forget the sunglasses and sun-screen.