Weather in Cape Town in July

Is July a good time to visit Cape Town?

July in Cape Town is not for those wanting a summer holiday in the sun. Unlike the northern hemisphere, Cape Town’s winters fall in June, July and August. The weather in Cape Town during July is cold and wet, with a few beautiful and clear days between rainy spells. Visitors travelling to Cape Town during July should expect wet weather, chilly winds and grey days. However, the warm and welcoming attitude of South Africans makes up for the chilly weather in July.


Climate in Cape Town in July

Cape Town’s climate in July is perfect for those who enjoy winters by the fire, hot drinks and cozy evenings indoors. July is one of Cape Town’s wettest months as it generally has at least ten full days of rain throughout the month. However, July visitors will get more daylight hours in July as the days begin to lengthen in anticipation of Spring. At the beginning of July there tend to be an average of ten daylight hours per day, but by the end of the month this has gone up to ten and a half hours per day. Temperatures in Cape Town during July range between 7 and 17°C (44 to 63°F), but the temperature has been known to drop close to 0°C (30°F) and on a good day it can rise into the upper 20s (80°F). The predominant wind in Cape Town during winter comes from the northwest. Cape Town’s wind can reach high speeds and tends to contribute negatively to the overall temperature.


What's on in Cape Town in July

July is the perfect time to visit Cape Town for visitors interested in the city’s fantastic art galleries, museums, cinemas and other indoor attractions. Some popular winter activities in Cape Town include shark viewing at Seal Island and watching the spectacular winter waves as they break over the harbour wall in Kalk Bay. Cape Town plays host to a number of events during winter.

Visitors should be sure to schedule in an evening concert at Kirstenbosch, as well as a day or weekend trip out to Franschoek in mid-July for the Bastille Festival. The Knysna Oyster Festival is worth the drive up the garden route and the Knysna Marathon also takes place in July. The winter school and university holidays are in full swing during July in Cape Town, but visitors can still expect winter specials on accommodation, meals and more. July marks the start of whale season in Cape Town, but the best time to view whales is in September.


What to pack for a holiday in Cape Town in July

Visitors to Cape Town in June should pack a selection of warm and waterproof clothes. Boots suitable for very wet conditions are vital, as is a raincoat or anorak. Umbrellas are not that useful for the Cape Town winter as the wind tends to either whip the umbrella away or blow the rain in sideways. On clear days a warm jersey or jacket is essential and a light raincoat is advisable as the weather can change quite quickly. Restaurants, wine estates, clubs and bars are all well heated so visitors should dress in layers for excursions and nights out in Cape Town.