Weather in Cape Town in May

Is May a good time to visit Cape Town?

By May, Cape Town has entered its rainy season. Winter in Cape Town may not be a time for the city’s beautiful beaches, but it still has a range of attractions on offer for the adventurous visitor. While the days are shorter during May, and rain clouds seem to loom, the days in between the rain are quiet and peaceful with crisp and warm wintery sunshine. As May well out of Cape Town’s peak tourist season it is a great time to visit the city and enjoy almost exclusive access to the attractions, beaches and other tourist facilities.


Climate in Cape Town in May

Cape Town’s climate in May is in line with what one would expect at the beginning of winter in this part of the world. Daylight hours tend to decrease dramatically – the sun rises at 7.30am and sets around 6pm at the beginning of the month and 5.45pm in late May. The prevailing winds in Cape Town during May come from the Northwest. Rain and cold fronts are common in May, but they don’t last for too long and visitors are still able to enjoy Cape Town’s beauty in between the rainy days. Cape Town’s humidity levels reach roughly 80 percent in May, but this does not lead to discomfort as the temperatures average between 10 and 20°C (48 to 68°F) with occasional highs and some colder spells.


What's on in Cape Town in May

During the winter months in Cape Town many of the hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars arrange great specials to temp tourists and locals alike. Apart from these visitors to Cape Town during May can enjoy the Good Food & Wine Show, which hosts a range of celebrity and Michelin-starred chefs including the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Ainsley Harriott and Atul Kochhar as well as many others. Another foodie event in Cape Town is the Cape Times V&A Waterfront Wine Affair. Visitors get the chance to enjoy the wonderful views of Table Mountain while tasting some of the best wines from the Western Cape region. May is also a great time of year for those who enjoy surfing – the Red Bull Big Wave Surf Competition at Dungeons Beach in Cape Town is the perfect event for both surfers and spectators. Visitors who enjoy events with a more cultural ring should be sure to try the Kirstenbosch Winter Concert Series Events which generally includes a welcome drink, a warm bowl of soup and an evening concert.


What to pack for a holiday in Cape Town in May

Winter in Cape Town requires a good waterproof raincoat and shoes that will withstand the puddles. Warm clothes are a must and a snuggly scarf will not go amiss. May is not mid-winter, so visitors to Cape Town during this season should also pack a few cooler clothes for the beautifully warm and clear rainless days. Hiking gear is useful for those wishing to trek up Table Mountain. Eveningwear for restaurants and festivals should be warm as the temperature can drop quite considerably at night.