Weather in Spain in February

Is February a good time to visit Spain?

If you are planning to holiday in Spain in February, be prepared to “chill out” – literally that is. It is one of the coldest months across the country, and the weather is not particularly kind.

In the northern mountainous regions ski resorts do brisk business, and along the Atlantic coast the weather is wet, cold and windy. In the central inland areas – including Madrid – it is very wintry and frigid. The best hope for sun-seekers is the southern and eastern Mediterranean coast, but don’t expect the sun to be hot enough for sun-bathing.

Andalucia is probably the warmest part of Spain in February, with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine – delightful for taking your ease at an outdoor cafe under a blue sky, but leave the bikini at home.


Climate in Spain in February

With a variety of climatic regions, from mild Mediterranean to extreme Continental, the weather in mainland Spain in February depends largely on where you go. In general, though, it is chilly, but in most areas one of the driest months.

In southern Andalucia the temperature can rise to the high teens Celsius, with an average six days of rain during the month and plenty of sunshine (an average of six hours a day out of 10 hours of daylight).

Madrid in February is freezing (this is the highest capital city in Europe and altitude plays a role in weather conditions), with rain a real probability on about one day out of three. The average maximum temperature in Madrid in February is 12°C, and it can drop to freezing and below at night.

Barcelona is marginally warmer, being on the coast, with February maximum and minimum temperatures of 14°C and 5°C respectively, but there is little rain, so plenty of blue sky.

The wettest parts of Spain in February are Galicia and Asturia in the north-west of the country, where there is seldom a dry day.


What’s on in Spain in February

While the weather in Spain in February may be cold, the ardour for the country’s legendary festivals remains as hot as ever. The best fest in February in Spain is the Sitges Carnival in Catalonia – a wild and wonderful Gay event that draws revellers of all persuasions, starting with a feast of local dishes and filled with colourful parades and events. In Seville the month of February is embroiled in a Tapas fair, while in Barcelona there is plenty of music and dancing at the Festes de Santa Eulalia in mid-month.


What to pack for a holiday in Spain in February

Those seeking the sun on the Spanish “costas” of the Mediterranean in February can get away with shorts and bare legs during the day, but jeans and a light jacket will be needed in the evenings. Elsewhere in Spain in February a warm coat is vital. No matter where you travel in Spain in February take along an umbrella or waterproofing of some sort, because even though it is a relatively dry month, the threat of rain is ever present.