Weather in Italy in April

Is April a good time to go to Italy?

In spring the clouds begin to break as the days get warmer and it stays lighter for longer. Travel expenses are reasonable, there are few crowds and, because of the extended daylight hours and few tourists, indoor attractions are open for longer and are relatively quiet, available for leisurely exploration. In addition to Easter celebrations, religious parades and the bustle of Holy Week, there are many smaller religious celebrations and events in lesser-known places like Avetrana, Narni and Fermignano– a great chance to explore the smaller towns and least travelled regions of Italy. While, not always ideal for outdoor activity, on the good days it is a wondrous time of year to see the spring bloom. 


Climate in Italy in April

April is an unpredictable month, but it is generally warm, relatively dry and high temperatures reach to up to 19°C (66°F). There is usually very little, if any, snowfall in April, but it is still falls below 0°C (32°F) in mountainous areas. Even the coastal regions, which are usually the wettest, are not very wet and northern areas rarely have more than 55mm (2.2in). While the sun may come out in April, the water is only 15°C (59°F), so hold off on the beach holiday until at least May.


What’s on in Italy in April

As with many modern nations, Italy has a Liberation Day and they commemorate the end of World War II with concerts and festivals on 25 April; Italians also celebrate the founding of ancient Rome, with festivals, events and on concerts on 21 April. Easter festivals are grand occasions in Italy but, while most of the major attractions will be open come Easter Monday, some restaurants and small shops will close. Keep an eye out for one of the many food festivals during the month, each with a unique theme. 


What to pack for a holiday in Italy in April

It’s easy to travel light at this time of year and it’s always best to have something warm for the odd cold day and clothing that dries easily. Pack long synthetic trousers, one pair of decent shorts, a few long sleeved shirts, T-shirts and a light raincoat. Italians enjoy smart dress, so while it is best to travel in something comfortable, try to bring comfortable and neat clothing, it makes it easier to fit in– sleeveless vests and board shorts are for spring in Thailand and Hawaii. It is also important to wear conservative clothing to churches and monasteries, as some will refuse entry to inappropriately dressed visitors.