Weather in Italy in March

Is March a good time to go to Italy?

There are many good ski deals at major resorts like the Dolomite Mountains or family-orientated holidays at Livignio and as the skiing season ends and summer starts to roll in, the weather is no longer as cold as it was from December to February; rates are still cheaper and there are still no jostling crowds of tourists. In addition, spring flowers may start to bloom in March and many people travel to Italy for the countryside alone. Nonetheless, with the days becoming progressively warmer, it is still the best time to visit Italy in order to avoid the crowds and capitalise on the cheaper rates because most of the biggest attractions are indoors. 


Climate in Italy in March

It is still quite cold in March, sometimes only 2°C in some areas, but it warms up towards the end of the month and the rain, although still frequent is periodic more than consistent. With only 7cm (2.8in) of snowfall in the mountains, it’s also, usually, the last chance for a ski holiday. It is still as low as -12°C (10°F) at the highest regions and in the hottest places is 15°C (59°F) at most. Coastal regions are the wettest and northern areas are relatively dry. 


What’s on in Italy in March

Travelling through Italy without visiting galleries and museums is a wasted trip. In March, the Open Monuments Weekend sees hundreds of private parks and galleries open throughout the country and, best of all, most of them will be completely free; it is a remarkable opportunity to see the hidden gems of Italian art, culture and architecture. The Rome Marathon is an increasingly popular event, with the rise of adventure and sport travel, sportsmen and women have a good reason to plan their trip for March. Women should receive a bouquet of yellow Mimosa’s on the 8 March, in keeping with local traditions on Women’s Day, as they say, “when in Rome”. With this proverb in mind, the Death of Caesar Day festival in Rome takes place on the Ides of March (14 March) every year, a fitting commemoration set on the day that ancient Rome would begin its spring military campaigns. 


What to pack for a holiday in Italy in March

It will be wet and cold still, so light and warm clothing is important, preferably with synthetic, dark materials. In addition, an umbrella, a warm hat, a light raincoat, gloves, and a scarf are always useful on colder days. However, it can be surprisingly warm too, and, while not T-shirts and shorts weather, something loose and light is convenient on warmer days later in the month. When spending significant amounts of time outdoors be prepared for chilly days and rain as well, so dark clothes, thermals, synthetic materials and warm but agile coats and raincoats are advised. Despite the improving weather, don’t go to the alpines without a thick coat, gloves, scarves and warm hats, as well as all the relevant snow gear because it is still freezing there.