Weather in Italy in September

Is September a good time to go to Italy?

Many tourists have left by September and, while most places are still as expensive as summer, there may be good deals in the south. Best of all though, it is far less busy than summer, but the weather is as equally glorious, perhaps even better because it is slightly cooler. When compared to the hot, crowded and expensive summer, the autumn is second only to spring as the best time to visit Italy. Take advantage of the quiet beach towns and it is cool enough to fully enjoy the outdoors by exploring the mountains and small country towns, or trying horseback riding and doing some hiking. Visitors don’t need to be foodies in order to appreciate the harvest time festivals, in a country famous for its cuisine, this is a special time to be adventurous when it comes to dinnertime. 


Climate in Italy in September

The summer heat lingers in September, but nights become cool and there is the odd rainstorm, often towards the end of the month. Peak temperatures remain in the high 20s (80°F) and drop to the mid-teens (60°F) at worst. The south is particularly lucky, as it often remains hot for longer there than other areas and, with sea temperatures around 24°C (75°F), the beach is still a popular destination. The only damper on the month is the increasing rainfall, which, although still low, can sometimes be twice as much as it is in August or July. 


What’s on in Italy in September

This is harvest time so keep an eye out for small food festivals, as there are many throughout the country. The MITO Music Festival and the Venice International Film Festival feature modern art and music, while festivals like the Palio di San Rocco, the Macchina di Santa Rosa or the Regatta Storica are traditional cultural festivals; these are just three of many. There are a number of religious festivals as well, the most notable of which is the Feast Day of San Gennaro in Naples and the Illuminations of the Cross festival in Tuscany. In honour of the harvest season, Bologna, one of the centres of Italian cuisine, hosts a weeklong festival in honour of a humble vegetable at the annual Potato festival. 


What to pack for a holiday in Italy in September

It’s best to travel light because it is still hot so, don’t pack a heavy bag. Sunhats, sunglasses and, especially, sunscreen are essential whether travelling in the city or at the beach.

Pack for comfort, but keep it sharp in order to blend in with the trendy locals and bring something warm for cooler evenings. Take some loose long sleeved shirts, T-shirts, comfortable and decent shorts, one or two light tops for the evenings and a raincoat or small foldable umbrella, especially in the south. This is a popular hiking month and it is a good idea to take a few extra layers, perhaps a thermal, as well as sturdy hiking shoes or boots. 

Swim shorts, speedos and bikinis are great for beaches, but bring a sarong or light covering for sun protection. Many churches and monasteries require both men and women to cover up well and pack something smart for a good restaurant or special event. 

For footwear, flip-flops are good for the beach, but otherwise some sturdy sandals, or comfortable and breathable walking shoes or trainers are best for the city.