Weather in Thailand in March

Is March a good time to visit Thailand?

The weather in Thailand progresses from hot to hotter during March, the mercury rising by increments as April (the hottest month of the year) approaches, along with the rainy season. The wet, humid south-west monsoon has yet to get a full grip, however, but the rain is waiting in the wings and makes its presence felt with several wet days in the east of the country. The heat can be oppressive in the city of Bangkok in March, and in the north conditions are made unpleasant with the burning of stubble in the fields which causes a thick haze which can exacerbate respiratory problems. The southern coastal areas (especially the Gulf coast) and islands are the best places to go in Thailand in March, with plenty of sunshine, high temperatures and little rain.

Climate in Thailand in March

The average temperature for Thailand in March is between 32°C (89.6°F) and 24°C (75.2°F), and there is little respite from the heat anywhere in the country with the relative humidity at 77%. The sea temperature is only a few degrees cooler than the air.  

The dry season is drawing to an end and temperatures peak for several weeks now before the onset of the south-west monsoon which will set in by May.

Rainfall during March in Thailand is dependent on the region – the monsoon begins to move in from the Indian Ocean, so the  coast in March is wetter than the rest of the country. Phuket, for example, receives 75mm of rain this month with an average of six wet days. Bangkok in the central region will have a few rainy days in March, with an average of 34mm for the month.

What’s on in Thailand in March

Bangkok can be breezy in March which sets everyone to flying kites. Competition can be as hot as the weather on occasion during the annual Kite-Flying Festival at Sanam Luang park. Bangkok also likes to dance in March, and performances that form part of the annual International Dance Festival are free in Benjasiri Park and some theatres in the city. Thousands get into the swing with the Bangkok Jazz Festival at the Central World Plaza and Pattaya hosts a floral-inspired international music fest with accompanying feasts and frolics.

What to pack for a holiday in Thailand in March

When you pick out what to pack for a holiday in Thailand in March go for loose, cool clothing in natural fibres. A bathing suit or two will be your staple, but beware the intense sun and arm yourself with sunscreen, hat and sunglasses. An umbrella will be useful if visiting the  coast – you can always use it as a sunshade if you’re lucky enough to avoid wet weather!