Weather in Thailand in November

Is October a good time to visit Thailand?

It is still very wet on the Thailand islands and southern coastal regions in October, but the rainy monsoon season begins to retreat from the central, north and north-eastern areas of the country. In Bangkok and central Thailand October still brings some rain showers, but their frequency, duration and volume decreases drastically, particularly in the second half of the month, as the wind begins to change direction. Likewise the ran retreats from the north, which enjoys moderate temperatures (in hot Thailand terms) – it is a pleasant time to holiday in this area, especially for trekking.

Climate in Thailand in October

The average rainfall for Thailand in October drops markedly from the previous month to 255mm, the difference most apparent in the north of the country as the south-west monsoon makes way for the drier north-easterly winds from Indo China. Chiang Mai’s rainfall average for October is 110mm, compared to the island of Koh Samui in the south which still experiences heavy tropical falls totaling 300mm, and the holiday resort town of Phuket on the west coast with close on 350mm.

Because of the wet weather it is still low season in Thailand tourism-wise, but visitors who do come on holiday in October enjoy the quieter conditions and the constant high temperatures, which average 31°C (87.8°F) across the whole country – a little cooler in the north where Chiang Mai’s average for the month is 27°C (80.6°F). There is also still plenty of sunshine, especially in the central and northern areas, for the rain falls in relatively short bursts and the clouds clear away quickly. Humidity levels are high, at around 85%, which can make the heat uncomfortable.

What’s on in Thailand in October

Popular with holiday visitors and locals alike, the annual Buffalo Festival held in mid-October in Chon Buri includes a week of buffalo racing, pop concerts, traditional Thai games and sports, and a Thai handcraft market.

Phuket also offers an unusual spectacular event in early October at the Vegetarian Festival, which involves some rather disconcerting ceremonies in which participants walk barefoot over pits of glowing hot coals, pierce their bodies with long spikes and climb ladders with razors embedded in the rungs.


What to pack for a holiday in Thailand in October

The basics required for a holiday in Thailand in October are a bathing suit, sandals, a few sets of cool, cotton clothing (shorts and T-shirts are fine), sunscreen and a waterproof poncho or umbrella. If you are visiting the north of the country a light pullover might be required in the evenings, which are cool compared to the fierce heat of the day.