Weather in England in August

Is August a good time to go to England?

August is arguably the best time to visit England and is officially the last month of the beautifully warm and sunny summer. Airfare and accommodation costs are expensive because it is peak season, but the outdoor festivals and events, extended operating hours at major attractions and festive atmosphere easily make up for the price. Many people flock to the coast, Cornwall is a particularly popular destination, or make the short trip to nearby Edinburgh or Dublin for a full tour of the region.

Climate in England in August

August is summer in England and the weather is hot, dry and sunny. Temperatures in England will range from 12°C to 21°C (54°F to 70°F) and occasionally reach close to 30°C (86°F) in London and some southern areas. Expect the days to be long and sunny, with sunset falling at around eight o’clock in the evening. There will occasionally be summer showers but rainfall in England is usually no more than 60mm (2.4in) during August, with humidity often at 90 percent. Sea temperatures in August are slightly warmer in the south, but average about 15°C (59°F) on most coastlines in the country.

What’s on in England in August

England in August is lively and the summer holidays are full of great festivals and events around the country. London is a great city to visit in August and many people come from the surrounding areas to enjoy the famous Notting Hill Carnival, a local favourite. Other big London events include the South West Four music festival, the London Triathlon and the Street Food and Beer Festival in North London. This month is also Brighton Pride Festival, an LGBT celebration of note, and other colourful events include the Leicester Caribbean Carnival and the Lytham music, comedy and literature festival.
Big music festivals include the Green Man festival, the Cambridge Folk Music Festival, The Matthew Street Music Festival in Liverpool, the V Festival for Brit Pop, as well as the Leeds and Reading festivals. August in England is ‘foodie’ season and Kingham, Huddersfield, Oxford and Test Valley will be serving up a feast and entertaining guests this summer at their local food events. Finally, for the arts, attend Lancaster’s Walkabout Theatre and Nottingham’s Summer Nights Film Festival for some laid-back summer entertainment.

What to pack for a holiday in England in August

August is hot, a fantastic time for shorts and T-shirts, light dresses and skirts. Pack some summer dresses, a pair of jeans, a few long sleeved tops and a warm jersey for cool evenings, along with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen for the scorching summer sun. Take sandals and trainers for the city, breathable walking shoes for hikers and everyone should have an umbrella or a light raincoat, as it will rain periodically and unexpectedly over August. Finally, pack something smart to wear because some events, nightclubs and restaurants will require formal attire.