Weather in England in December

Is December a good time to go to England?

December is the heart of winter and the days are dark, cold and wet. However, a white Christmas comes at a bargain here and there is something especially charming about the festive cheer in the air. There will be many Christmas markets and related events, and New Year’s celebrations in major cities are one of a kind.

Climate in England in December

Temperatures typically remain below 10°C (50°F) and northern areas often drop below zero (32°F). Central and Western regions usually have below 80mm (3.1in) of rain, but further north and deep southern areas often significantly wetter. In addition, most regions have some snowfall, especially the north, and during a severe winter, activity may shut down for a few days.

What’s on in England in December

Christmas cake, bulging stockings, roasted meat– expect this and more at the large Christmas markets in Gloucester, Lincoln and Salisbury, as well as Victorian-style Christmas fairs in Fayre and Portsmouth. London and Nottingham host annual ‘Winter Wonderland’ festivals, a family friendly event equipped with ice rinks, entertainment and hearty food. For an exciting alternative event, visit the Brighton Fire Festival and witness a fiery grand parade accompanied by a massive fireworks display. Finally, New Year’s Eve celebrations continue early into New Year’s Day and big cities have fireworks displays at midnight. London, the party city of Bristol and Newcastle have unique and vibrant atmospheres come New Year’s Eve.

What to pack for a holiday in England in December

Winter in England is cold and wet and layers of warm clothing are essential. Pack long sleeved shirts and tops, warm jerseys, a thick waterproof coat or heavy-duty raincoat, jeans, durable trousers, as well as leggings and thermals. Hats, gloves and scarves add maximum comfort and keep a strong wind-resistant umbrella close by. Boots are best, but closed toed shoes and trainers are also okay for city travel. Take some smart clothing because some events, restaurants and nightclubs only allow formal attire.