Weather in England in June

Is June a good time to go to England?

An early summer holiday in England has the benefits of the warm, dry summer climate without the worst of the peak season prices. Major music festivals, legendary tennis matches and world-class art expos and exhibitions all come as part of the June holiday package– there is enough going on to fill the whole year’s event calendar. The main attractions operate on extended hours and, with schools still open, there are not too many crowds. Don’t forget beachwear for the Cornwall coast and many people tend to cross the English Channel into France, where there are many popular beaches along the west and south coast.

Climate in England in June

The sun rises early and sets late, which means there is plenty of time to enjoy the long, warm and dry days of June. It won’t drop below 10°C (50°F) and sometimes reaches into the mid-20s (over 68°F), with light and sporadic rainfall that rarely tops 60mm (2.4in) over the course of the month. The combination of warm weather and light rain makes for humid days, but thankfully, there is often a refreshing summer breeze.

What’s on in England in June

Where better to start the festival season than in the capital at the City of London festival, where there are many events littered across its busy streets. Whether big band fans or casual music lovers, don’t miss the legendary Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festivals and book tickets now to avoid disappointment later. Smaller music festivals include the Beverley Folk Festival, the Wymondham Festival Fortnight and the Spitalfields Music Festivals– perfect for intimate and special performances. Artisans and art aficionados should journey to the Holmfirth Arts Festival, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, Grassington Arts Festival and the SO Festival for the season’s top trends and quirky fads. The AEGON International Tennis Championships and Wimbledon Tennis Championships are the sporting highlights of the season and it is vital to book well in advance for these events. Finally, for the new age spiritualists, join neo-pagan, Wiccan and neo-druid groups in the Summer Solstice rituals at Stonehenge.

What to pack for a holiday in England in June

Summer temperatures in England can be very hot, but remember to expect a bit of rain despite being the dry season. Pack shorts and T-shirts, some long sleeved shirts and a warm jersey for the evenings. Take along hats, sunscreen and sunglasses because the sun can be harsh at times. Wear breathable trainers and sandals on a hot day and, for hiking, take sturdy walking shoes as well as an extra layer for crisp mornings. Pack an umbrella or a light raincoat for the odd rainy spell and take smart clothing because certain establishments and events require formal attire.