Weather in England in July

Is July a good time to go to England?

Schools are out and this dry, hot and sunny month is filled with many outdoor festivals and family-friendly events. Main attractions in major cities like London have extended operating hours and it is a good idea to pop over to Edinburgh or Dublin for a few days to sample the summer atmospheres at these nearby capitals. Many tourists flock to the coast, especially down to Cornwall, for warm, yet moderate weather at its famous beaches. Expect the most festive atmosphere of the year, but also peak airfare and accommodation rates.


Climate in England in July

The days are long and the sun shines brightly during July, setting after 9 o’clock in the evening. Temperatures in England range from 13°C to 21°(55°F to 70°F) and expect some days to reach up to 30°C (86°F) or more, especially in London and further south.  July falls in the dry season in England and rainfall is below 60mm (2.4in) in most areas, often with 90 percent humidity. Sea temperatures in England will be around 15°C (59°F) in July, so it is a great time to settle on the English coast during summer.

What’s on in England in July

It is a good time to visit England because the weather is fantastic and the festivities alone make a summer holiday in England a worthy trip. Bristol will be the city to visit in July and is full of live events such as the Bristol Summer Series music festival and, the ever-colourful, Bristol Pride festival. There is a symphony of music festivals during July, including the Buxton Opera Festival, the Rythmtree Festival of world music, Durham’s BRASS International Festival and the famous World of Music, Arts and Dance festival (WOMAD) in Malmesbury.
The Greenwich + Docklands International Festival is one of the world’s premiere performance arts events, hosted in London, and Lancaster will host a unique theatre festival in July. The Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, the Port Eliot Festival, the South Tyneside Summer Festival and Stratford-upon-Avon River Festival are great festivals for local cultural celebrations and some great edutainment for the youth. There are some major sporting events at this time of year, including the Wimbledon Tennis Championship finals, the British Formula One Grand Prix, The Henley Regatta and The British Open Gold Championships, booking in advance is highly recommended.

What to pack for a holiday in England in July

Summer in England is a fantastic time for shorts, T-shirts and summer skirts because the temperatures are hot. In addition, pack summer dresses and skirts, a few long sleeved tops and a warm jersey for the evenings, along with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen. Sandals and trainers will be great for city travel and hikers should pack some breathable walking shoes. Pack an umbrella or a light raincoat for short summer showers and take some smart clothing for a special night out because some restaurants, nightclubs and events require formal attire.