Weather in Egypt in July

Is July a good time to visit Egypt?

Peak summer in Egypt is not peak holiday season. The hot desert weather that many people enjoy during Egypt’s winter months, becomes unbearable as the middle of summer approaches. There are some parts of Egypt, particularly the coastal resorts, which are recommended during June. However the hot desert climate tends to make much of the country inadvisable as the mercury levels rise to their peaks. One positive aspect of Egypt’s high summer temperatures is that it’s generally easy to find flight specials and accommodation deals. In fact, there are often loads of package deals for Egypt in July, making it a budget-friendly summer holiday option.


Climate in Egypt in July

With an average of thirteen hours of sunlight each day and a desert climate, Egypt in July is hot! In fact, temperatures often go into the high 30s (over 100°F), particularly in the interior parts of the country in the Sahara Desert. Cairo’s proximity to the Mediterranean makes it slightly cooler and temperatures range between 22 and 34°C (72 to 93°F). Visitors on holiday in the Red Sea resorts can expect temperatures of 27 to 38°C (81 to 100°F) and a sea temperature of 27°C (81°F). Rain is scarce at the best of times in Egypt’s desert climate and there is certainly no rain during the summer months.


What’s on in Egypt in July

The Summer Mouleds is a popular event in Egypt in July. Cairo is transformed in this mixture of faith and folklore as residents take to the streets in spirited and colourful processions, usually involving dancing and singing. A public holiday in Egypt in July, marked by military processions throughout Cairo is Revolution Day on July 23, which marks the 1952 revolution in Egypt. A key event along the Red Sea coast during July is the International Shopping and Tourism Festival in Sharm el Sheikh. Pack your credit cards and a number of empty suitcases and prepare to go on a shopping spree. Many hotels and restaurants offer discounted accommodation rates during the festival.


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in July

As July is one of Egypt’s peak summer months, the temperatures tend to be incredibly hot. The best items to pack for the desert regions are clothes that will offer protection from the sun without making you overheat. Sunglasses are vital as is suncream and a hat will always be useful. Visitors travelling to the desert oases, such as Siwa Oasis, should pack mosquito repellent. Visitors to Sharm el Sheikh, el Gouna and other Red Sea resorts should pack beach- and swimwear.