Weather in Egypt in March

Is March a good time to visit Egypt?

March is peak season for holidaymakers hopping on cheap flights to Egypt. Prices are higher during this time and hotels in the popular resort areas are often fully booked. The warm weather in Egypt in March also makes it a popular time to visit Egypt, particularly for those wishing to escape the chilly winter weather in much of Europe and North America. Holidaymakers planning a trip to Egypt in March should book well in advance.


Climate in Egypt in March

March is winter in Egypt, but this does not mean that the weather is particularly cold. In fact, the average temperature in much of Egypt falls in the early 20s (74°F). Many regions of Egypt enjoy up to eleven hours of sunlight each day during March, but the cities further north along the Mediterranean coast have slightly fewer sunlight hours each day. With its desert climate, Egypt experiences very little rain during March. The average sea temperature in Sharm el-Sheikh is a balmy 21°C (70°F) making it perfect for swimming, diving and many other watersports. The weather in Cairo in March is warm and the temperature vacillates between 12 and 23°C (54 to 73°F). Much of northern Egypt enjoys similar weather averages as those experienced in Cairo. The desert regions in southern Egypt are warmer with averages at Aswan Dam ranging between 14 and 30°C (57 to 86°F). The weather along the Red Sea coast of Egypt is great with temperatures from 16 to 25°C (61 to 77°F).


What’s on in Egypt in March

Easter is generally celebrated in March, although the specific changes from year to year. Easter is an important time for Egypt’s Coptic Christian population. The religious event is celebrated in church with long and quite formal services. The day immediately after Easter usually marks the beginning of harvest season called ‘Sham El Nesseem’. Many Egyptians celebrate the harvest season by offering onion, lettuce and salted fish to the Egyptian deities.


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in March

Essential items to pack in your suitcase for a holiday in Egypt in March depend largely on your destination in Egypt. Coastal regions, particularly Sharm el-Sheikh and Red Sea resorts require beach items such as swimwear, suncream and a good holiday read. Visitors exploring the Sahara desert should pack light and cool clothing that will offer protection from the sun and sand. Sunglasses are vital and a hat is always useful. The desert temperatures often drop quite considerably at night so a medium to warm jacket is useful.