Weather in Egypt in October

Is October a good time to visit Egypt?

October is the start of peak season after the hot summer months. The weather in Egypt in October begins to cool down making it an ideal month to lounge on one of Egypt’s beaches either along the Mediterranean coast or the more popular Sinai Peninsula. It is still possible to find cheap holiday package deals to Egypt in October, but as peak season approaches these package deals become slightly more expensive. There are also a number of cultural and sporting events in Egypt in October, making it a great time to visit this desert country.


Climate in Egypt in October

Although Egypt’s desert climate tends to be hot throughout the year, October, and autumn bring a slight reprieve from the hot summer temperatures. Temperatures in Cairo in October range from 18 to 30°C (64 to 86°F) and there is even a chance of a day of rain during this month. The Sinai region of Egypt has a near perfect climate in October with average temperatures of 23 to 31°C (73 to 88°F) and sea water temperatures of 27°C (81°F). Even the generally hotter desert regions such as Aswan experience great weather in October with lows of 20°C (69°F) and highs of 36°C (96°F). The nighttime temperatures in the desert are a lot cooler than daytime ones, bringing relief after a hot day in the desert sun.


What’s on in Egypt in October

Visitors to Egypt in October should treat themselves by going to see the Cairo Opera House’s annual performance of Aida at Giza. This popular event in Egypt in October is not to be missed. The Giza Pyramids are the perfect setting for Verdi’s popular tale of tragic love. Another popular event in Egypt in October is the Pharaohs Rally – an endurance race spanning 3000km (1864 miles) of the Sahara Desert. The race takes place over three weeks in October and finishes in Cairo. The Abu Simbel Festival, in February, also takes place in October in Egypt. It celebrates Ramses’ birthday with dance, markets, music and food at the Temple of Abu Simbel. The important Islamic festival of Eid al-Fitr usually takes place in October. It is celebrated with food and prayer.


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in October

The warm weather in October means that it is one of the best times to visit this desert country. The best clothing to pack for a holiday in Egypt in October are light, cool clothes. Egypt’s coastal regions, such as the Mediterranean coast and the Red Sea resorts, demand swimwear and beach paraphernalia for fun in the desert sun. As October is the best time to visit the desert, such as Siwa Oasis, visitors heading to these regions should pack mosquito repellent and clothing that offers some protection from the desert sand and sun. Sunglasses are essential.