Weather in Egypt in September

Is September a good time to visit Egypt?

September tends to be one of the least popular months for holidaymakers travelling to Egypt. This is due, in part, to the summer heat, but it is mainly because of Ramadan. The month-long Ramadan fast means that many restaurants are closed during this period. It is also difficult to find bars open or even to get alcohol at your hotel during Ramadan in Egypt. However, there are often flight specials to Egypt in September and accommodation is generally quite cheap at this time. The weather in Egypt September is a cooler than the peak summer months of July and August, making it an ideal time weather-wise to book a holiday in Egypt.


Climate in Egypt in September

September is autumn in Egypt. The heat of summer begins to wear off during September and the days are slightly shorter. The climate in Egypt in September is warm and dry, temperatures are high during the day but the nighttime temperatures are slightly cooler. The average temperature in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula in September is 23 to 31°C (73 to 88°F). Sea temperatures in the Red Sea are incredibly warm. There is generally no precipitation during September in Egypt. In September, Cairo enjoys temperatures ranging from 20 to 33°C (68 to 91°F) and the average temperature in Alexandria in September is 21 to 30°C (70 to 86°F).


What’s on in Egypt in September

A key religious event in Egypt that usually falls in September is Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long fast that many Muslims take part in before the day of Eid el-Fitr. Eid marks the end of Ramadan and is celebrated with a three-day holiday with lots of feasting as well as religious observances. Eid el-Fitr usually takes place in October.


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in September

Even though temperatures in Egypt are a slightly cooler in September, it is still very hot. The best type of clothing to pack for a trip to Egypt in September will include light coloured clothing that is cool and that will be comfortable in the hot desert temperatures. Visitors destined for Sharm el-Sheikh, el-Gouna and other Red Sea resorts, as well as those off to towns along Egypt’s Mediterranean coast should pack swimwear and perhaps a sun hat. Visitors travelling to more remote locations should plan to dress modestly. Don’t forget your sunglasses and suncream!