Weather in Egypt in November

Is November a good time to visit Egypt?

November is a popular time to visit Egypt. The weather is slightly cooler in Egypt in November, which makes many of the desert regions a lot more accessible. November is also a popular time to go to Egypt because it is not quite peak season as it is falls before the winter holidays in Europe and North America. Thus, November is a great time to visit Egypt as the desert temperatures are slightly lower than summertime ones and there is still a chance of finding accommodation before the peak holiday period in December and January.


Climate in Egypt in November

Although Egypt has a desert climate, there is sometimes some rain in November, especially in the Northern areas as well as on the Sinai Peninsula. However, this generally amounts to less than three days of rain throughout the entire month. The average temperature in Egypt in November ranges from a warm 15 to 29°C (59 to 84°F) in Aswan to a comfortable 19 to 27°C (66 to 81°F) in Sharm el Sheikh. The average temperature in Cairo in November ranges from 14 to 25°C (57 to 77°F). Holidaymakers heading to the beaches in Egypt will be glad to know that the general sea temperature in October in Egypt’s Red Sea is 25°C (77°F).


What’s on in Egypt in November

The Cairo Opera House puts on a popular event in November called the Arabic Music Festival. Visitors to Cairo can enjoy performances by regional and national performers. Music has a long and intricate history in the Arabic region and the Arabic Music Festival is the best way to get a glimpse of this.


What to pack for a holiday in Egypt in November

The weather in Egypt during November is hot during the day but the temperature can drop at night. Clothing for a desert holiday in Egypt should include cool clothes for the day and one or two light jackets for the cooler nighttime temperatures. The beaches along the Mediterranean and Red Sea coasts of Egypt are popular during October, so visitors heading to the beach should pack their beach gear. Watersports equipment is available to rent in Sharm el-Sheikh and most resorts along the Red Sea coast. Although winter is the rainy season in Egypt, visitors to the country need not pack raincoats or umbrellas for a holiday in Egypt.