Weather in the Maldives in August

Is August a good time to visit the Maldives?

Hot, humid and for the most part sunny is the weather forecast for a Maldives holiday during August. Be aware, though, that this month still falls in the Maldives islands’ south-west monsoon season, which is notorious for unexpected rainstorms, often accompanied by thunder and lightning. A holiday in the Maldives during August is a bit of a gamble ... but the odds are good that out of a week you will have five days or so of unrelenting tropical sunshine.


Climate in Maldives in August

Expect to be hot ... very hot ... in the Maldives in August, with the temperature hovering at around 30° C and above. August is, however, in the heart of the rainy season and although temperatures and humidity levels remain constantly high, cloud cover is unpredictable. Heavy downpours of tropical monsoon rain can last anything from 20 minutes to a couple of days, but inbetween the sun bakes down, steam drying the lush vegetation. August can also be windy, which provides some relief from the heat.


Is August a good time to visit the Maldives?

The Maldives are popular with surfers and windsurfers during August, when the turbulent monsoon storms provides some good waves, with the sea temperature feeling like a warm bath at around 28°C. As far as local celebrations go, August sees the beginning of Ramadan in the Muslim Maldives (known locally as “Rorda Mas”). This means working hours may be altered, with most businesses closing at 3pm and restaurants closing because of fasting and prayer sessions. The tourist resorts are not affected, however, and programmes of entertainment and excursions continue as usual.


What to pack for a holiday in the Maldives in August

A few good swimsuits, sarongs and flip-flops are the main essentials for a holiday in the Maldives in August. Because it is the rainy season a waterproof poncho to be carried in your day pack if you are exploring is useful. Sun protection products and a good hat are vital, and some loose, cool casual clothing for evening wear in the resorts.