Weather in Maldives in February

Is February a good time to visit the Maldives?

February is probably the most perfect month in the Maldives, weather-wise, especially for sun-starved Europeans looking to escape the northern winter. It is in the heart of the dry season, when the north-east monsoon rains are at their minimum, and the sun shines most of the day. Expect blue skies and crystal clear water – if the odd shower shows up, it will probably be over before you’ve noticed it, or be come and gone in the early morning hours.


Climate in the Maldives in February

February is the driest month of the year in the Maldives, the heat tempered by gentle ocean breezes. Temperatures hover in the high to mid- 20°C (with occasional excursions into the 30s), with little difference between night and day. There are long hours of sunshine, between 6am and 6pm, and the tropical humidity which pervades the islands for most of the year is at a minimum.


What to do in the Maldives in February

A visit to the Maldives is all about fun in the sun and making the most of the magnificent beaches and resort activities on offer, but during February there is the added bonus of witnessing Maldives National Day. The day – scheduled according to the Islamic calendar – celebrates the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu over the Portuguese colonialists in 1573. Street parties and parades are held across the islands, particularly in the capital, Malè.


What to pack for a holiday in the Maldives in February 

A high factor sun block, sunhat, swimwear, sarong and protective footwear for protection from the offshore coral are essential for a visit to the Maldives in February. For evenings light cotton clothing will suffice – shoes are optional!