Weather in Maldives in June

Is June a good time to visit the Maldives?

With the wet monsoon season in full swing, visitors to the tropical islands of the Maldives can expect rainy days in June. Thunderstorms with heavy downpours are common, but it is unlikely these will last longer than a few hours at a time. Inbetween there is a very good chance of soaking up some sun, and the heat and humidity of the islands, which lie across the equator, remains unimpaired by the wet weather. As one holiday-maker quipped – “a burst of rain is not a problem if you’re in the water anyway”!


Climate in the Maldives in June

Dark clouds may well develop over the Maldive Islands in June as the south-westerly monsoon season takes hold. The monsoon in the Maldives is generally regarded as “mild”, and horrid cyclones and violent storms during this season are the exception rather than the norm, although strong winds and torrential bouts of rain are on the cards. Despite the threat of rain storms, the temperature remains high, between 31°C and 26°C (night and day) and the humidity – due to the rain – is high. Weather in the Maldives is unpredictable in June, however, with visitors some years being lucky enough to enjoy days on end of sunshine, punctuated only occasionally with rain. Everyone reports coming home with a tan, despite the weather.


What to do in the Maldives in June

Rest assured, on rainy days your Maldives resort will provide diversions (many have spas and in-house entertainment) .... and if you are still intent on diving or snorkelling on the coral reefs it is said the water clarity is at its best during the height of the monsoon season. If you are out and about, enjoying the odd snatches of sunshine, there are excursions of all sorts to be had.


What to pack for a holiday in the Maldives in June

When holidaying in the Maldives in June add a light wrap or sweater to you beachwear collection for possible cool evenings, otherwise, be prepared for hot and humid conditions. Grey skies and rain may well dominate your visit, so a light waterproof in your daypack is advisable if you plan to go exploring. Otherwise swimwear, light cotton evening-wear, shorts and tee-shirts should do the trick.