Weather in the Maldives in July

Is July a good time to visit the Maldives?

It’s hot and humid, but beware the unpredictability of monsoon rains in Maldives in July. If you don’t mind getting wet, either in or out of the water, the Maldives still provides the perfect tropical island holiday even during its rainy season. The fact that July is the middle of the monsoon season does not mean that you won’t see the sun. Rain storms (which can be thundery and accompanied by strong winds) are generally short-lived and the ever present equatorial sun makes its presence felt inbetween.


Climate in Maldives in July

July in the Maldives is one of the wettest months, but even a wet day here can have its sunny spots. While rain clouds may sit ominously over the sea, ashore the islands experience short, sharp and heavy monsoon downpours, interspersed with plenty of sunny intervals ... and the clouds make for some iridescent sunsets! The average rainfall for July in the Maldives is 226mm, spread over a statistical 14 days of the month. Temperatures, however, do not deviate from the 30°C annual average, and humidity levels are high.


Is July a good month to visit the Maldives?

July in the Maldives luxury resorts offer the same leisure and pleasure activities as they do all year round. When the monsoon rains drive visitors indoors temporarily, it is a respite to take up a good book, enjoy a cocktail at the bar or just have a doze until the sun shines again. For the locals – and a spectacle for holiday-makers – the 26th July is a special day when Maldivians celebrate the nation’s independence with a march, traditional dancing and colourful float parade emanating from Republic Square in Malè.


What to pack for a holiday in the Maldives in July

Go for loose, thin, silky or cotton clothing that will keep you cool, calm and collected in the tropical heat of the Maldives in July. Swimwear is essential, and even though July is the rainy season and you may have some grey days, don’t skimp on the sunblock. Being close to the equator the UV factor in the Maldives remains high whatever the weather, and the high temperature is not affected by the monsoon rains, which exacerbate humidity levels.