Weather in Maldives in September

Is September a good time to visit the Maldives?

Sunshine or showers – it’s the luck of the draw for holiday-makers who come to enjoy the magical Maldives in September. Being in the sultry summer monsoon season, September can be blighted with heavy thunder-storms  which arrive with little or no warning, and are not predictable days or weeks in advance. Most visitors, though, find they enjoy ample hours of sun in these equatorial islands, which are hot and humid all year round, rain or shine.


Climate in Maldives in September

The Maldives islands stretch from one degree south of the equator to just beyond seven degrees north, meaning the temperatures remain constantly high all year round, hovering around 30°C, and September is no exception. Similarly hours of sunlight fluctuate hardly at all – eight hours of sun out of 12 hours of daylight are the norm. September, though, is in the summer monsoon season, which means the likelihood of thunderstorms and heavy bouts of rain under slate grey skies are likely to steal some of the sunshine ration, and humidity levels are high. Weather charts estimate 160mm of rain for the month of September in Maldives, but bear in mind this could fall all on one day, or in short showers over several weeks!


What to do in Maldives in September

Although the reason most people holiday in the Maldives is for fun in the sun, a wet day or two in the September monsoon season need not be wasted. With water temperatures of around 28°C, watersports like surfing, snorkelling, sailing and jet-skiing are not compromised by overcast skies. Souvenir hunters will enjoy a visit to the Singapore Bazaar, and there is even a little sightseeing at the National Museum, or make use of the resort spas.


What to pack for a holiday in the Maldives in September

The advice on what to pack for a trip to the Maldives islands any time of year is simple … as little as possible! Even in September, the rainy season, light, loose clothing suitable for hot and humid conditions is recommended, along with plenty of beach-ware. If you plan on walking in the warm monsoon rain showers, add a waterproof poncho, and don’t forget the sunscreen because at the equator the sun is strong even under overcast skies.